"We all live in hiding... In one way or another, each of us conceals pieces of ourselves from the rest of the world. Some people hide because their lives depend on it, others because they don't like being seen... and then there are the special cases, the ones that hide because... because... because they just want someone to look for them."
- In Plain Sight (1 June, 2008)

Who am I? I'm a photographer & poet who loves to wander in the woods but struggles with depression and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) among other disabilities.

| Gender: female | Sexuality: bi | Status: in a relationship |
| Age: 46 | Education: B.S. | Smoke: Never | Drink: Rarely |

Location: USA - a small town in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest

Spring gives everything a gentle touch of color, summers are perfect weather for enjoying the outdoors at length, the forests are an extra special place in autumn, and winter snow is magical in its beauty. I love living in the mountains!

My photography has been trademarked Windchime Photography.

The traits I value most are honesty and open-mindedness. If money and social status are your thing, we're not likely a good match as personal connections, artistic passion and inspiration are more my focus. I live a comfortable but simple lifestyle in which the most precious things are those which cannot be purchased (ie integrity, compassion, friendship, laughter, and a sense of wonder for the natural world and critters in it).

My sense of humor is probably best described as "witty" and/or "goofy" depending on my mood and my interests are definitely eclectic.

When seeking a distraction, I enjoy a quick trip into the forest, curling up with a good book (primarily historical fiction), playing some computer games, or watching some tv/movies. My favorite games are DDO, Rise of Nations, Age of Empires, Scrabble, and backgammon. Most of my favorite movies are either epics or drama. The television is most often tuned to NCIS, In Plain Sight, Criminal Minds, or various shows on historical & scientific topics.

My official endeavor, trying to transform my photography into a business, is sporadic due to the effects of my disabilities which are a mix of physical and mental health issues. Can you be emotionally supportive (or at least tolerant) of someone with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) & depression?

What would make an instant connection? The sparkle and intensity in your eyes when you smile; your passionate enjoyment of each moment and the gifts it holds; your integrity in your values; your compassion for others; your desire to improve the world around you...
How to contact me:
Yahoo Messenger - Tevasama